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Tummy Tuesday Time :)

So I haven’t done a TT in a while.

The last few weeks i’ve had some bad days. And really not felt myself in terms of loving my body. I take great pleasure in loving myself, and as vain as that sounds, it helps me to live and love in a more fulfilling way.

I kinda feel like i’m really getting to know my body and my style. That i’m really creating something that is uniquely ‘Cassie’ and that I will go out there and be it (no matter whether others think my dress or my hair do or my lipstick is ridiculous) It’s my style and my body. And I love it.

I’m just prancing around in this bikini because I haven’t had the chance to get to the pool or the beach at all so far this summer and that makes me sad. But i’m always surprised when I put this on and realise that it still fits and that I still love it. I’m sure i’ve put on weight recently but i’m having a great time so i’m not bothered by it.

I’m just gonna lay here pretending my bed is sand ok?

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